How you can give an amazing gift in minutes! We sell gift cards!

Looking for gifts to send during quarantine? Don't need a candle for yourself, but know someone who does? We sell gift cards online! These are the perfect gift if you do not know what scent they may like! Give your family and friends the gift of these beautifully scented soy wax candles! All gift cards are valid for 1 year from the purchase date. Let your friends and family know these hand poured soy wax candles are the best!

FAQ about Gift Cards:

Q: Where can I redeem my gift card?

A: Gift cards are only redeemable at the online store. 

Q: Can gift cards be returned?

A: Unfortunately, gift cards are not eligible for return. 

Q: Can gift cards expire?

A: Yes. Our gift cards are only valid for 1 year from the purchase date!

Q: How gift cards work

A: Our gift cards are easy to send. Just input all the information for the recipient and it will be sent their way!

Changed your mind and just want to buy a candle? Awesome!

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