The Importance of Encouraging Others

Updated: May 20, 2020

Life is so damn hard. There is no way around that one. The good news is that we all have the ability to make it better for us and for those around us. We all feed off of those around us whether we want to or not. I can tell you that someone from a customer service job is a stressful environment, and a mean or negative comment only frustrates me.  I would be having a great day, totally positive, then have a customer sit down and tell me that I shouldn’t be working this job because I look like I hate it and hate my life. Wow - can we just not do this to people? How is this response helpful to anyone? I was having a great day, but then after that, I felt like absolute garbage. Guys, seriously, if someone looks miserable do not tell them they look miserable. Ask them how their day is going or for a recommendation on where to eat. Engage them in a normal human conversation. 

Whenever I talk to customer service or any business over the phone, I always remember the name of the person I am speaking to and use it several times in the conversation. It makes a difference! They feel noticed and appreciated. I wish that more people would have done this where I worked. It is so easy for all of us to do this and make people feel noticed and appreciated. If you have to, have a pen and piece of paper ready to write the name down! 

There are so many ways to uplift people. Especially in a time like now, with COVID-19, we all have the opportunity to change the world for the better. If you are at the store and they do not have any bread, please do not yell at the staff for not having any in stock! Find a staff member and thank them for being there during this horrible time. The same goes for doctor’s offices or hospitals. The staff is doing its best under the circumstances, be grateful for them, tell them thank you! It is really that simple. If you see someone that looks sad tell them you love their shirt or their shoes! I get so happy when someone does this to me! Someone likes my shoes!? Oh my gosh, how awesome! It makes a difference. 

Now, it is so important to lift others up, but we cannot forget ourselves. We have to encourage ourselves sometimes too. I have been so fortunate to have people in my life that have helped me through the hardest times, and given me the tools to now encourage myself. One of my good friends realized I was having a hard time once, and he texted me that I need to send him 3 positives every night and he would do the same. When you are starting out with positives and you're not in a good place, it is freaking hard! He was so encouraging, and he would not let me get out of it, no matter how hard I tried! He is the best friend I could have. If anyone does not have someone like this in their life, please message me! I will hold you accountable for your positives! 

I believe that we can all change the world for the better by lifting each other up instead of bringing each other down. Just try it for a couple of days and see what happens. You will be surprised. It is such small things that make people’s days! We can all contribute. It does not matter how frustrated you are, just try to be kind, and watch the kindness spread! 

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